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Headphone Neck Wear

  • Headphone neck wear can effectively solve the shortcomings of wired headphones that are easy to become tangled, wireless headphones are easy to fall, and the over-the-head headphones are too heavy. It is a new interpretation of a new way of wearing. Comfortable and beautiful, easy to wear, not easy to pull, not easy to fall off, easy and natural. The wearing design fits perfectly to the neck, has good concealment, and frees up pocket space, which is a new development trend for future headphones. On the surface of the plastic substrate or hardware material, after special technology treatment, use a precision liquid injection molding machine to inject LSR liquid silicone rubber to the shell.

    Features and Benefits

    The neck ring made of LSR liquid silicone material is soft and comfortable, close to the skin texture. Liquid silicone material is non-toxic and tasteless, suitable for medical products, edible, long-term contact with the skin, can prevent allergies. High and low temperature resistance, not easy to age, good flexibility and long service life. Silicone and substrate are firmly bonded, not easy to fall off, and have good waterproof performance, especially suitable for outdoor sports. The resilience of the material is very good, the tensile strength is high, and it will not deform during long-term use.