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Waterproof Products

  • Name: SIM card LSR Cover
    Material: Liquid Silicone
    Process: LSR Liquid Silicone Injection
    Features: Waterproof / Dustproof
    Color: Red, Black
    Application: Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, oppo, vivo
    The waterproofing of mobile phones has become an indispensable feature in our life. The rapid development of waterproofing technology makes underwater photography in swimming pools no longer a dream. In 2016, Apple's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7Plus supported IP67 water resistance, and Samsung S7 edge achieved the highest level of IP68 water resistance. In 2017, Samsung S8 and note8, LG G6, LG V30 released on August 31 also reached IP68 waterproof, and the Huawei P10 Plus waterproof rating also reached IPX3. Waterproof technology will not only be widely used in mobile phones, but also all 3C products, automotive, medical fields, etc.