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  • Electrical Insulating Materials
    RoHs compliance: Yes

    UL Recognized: Yes

    Benefits and features                  
    Frame class rating UL94V-0
    Outstanding insulating performance
    Tensile strength(machine direction and transverse direction)

    Bornsun’s insulating materials                                
    Bornsun’s BN-ZD 16 is one kind of PP material with excellent thermostable and high insulating characteristics. BN-ZD16 has been used in various products which require electrical insulation. The continuous use temperature could be up to 115℃ while its breakdown voltage could be up to 50KV/mm. At the same time, BN-ZD16 has got superior anti-moisture and mechanical performance.

    Typical Application
     Power Supply, such as UPS
     Between PCB and outer covering
     Between inductance,resistance, capacitance and other components
     Area where requires high voltage