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  • ROHS Compliant: Yes
    Features and Benefits
       Thermal conductivity: 0.8 W/m·K
       Available in customized size, sheets
       Easy to apply
       Good reliability
       Good thermal performance

    Bornsun’s Thermal Adhesive Tape
       BN-TAPE100, which thermal conductivity is 0.8 W/m•K, is one kind of self-adhesive thermal interface material. BN-TAPE100 uses fiberglass as reinforce carrier, getting protected by release film on surface.
       BN-TAPE100 could take place of common sil-pad. It could bond components and heat sinks by little pressure because of its excellent bonding character. It requires no further fixing with screws which it could help customers to save cost of labor.
       BN-TAPE100 could be stable during–20~120 (℃).

       To bond transistors and heat sinks
       To bond PCB and heat sinks
       To bond motor control and heat sinks

       Please remove dust, greasy dirt and impurity and clean the surface before bonding
       Please make sure that adhesive tapes contact with objects thoroughly
       Please even the surface before bonding
       Do not use right after bonding, please leave it 1 to 2 hours (at room temperature) before using
       Do not peel off release film ahead of time if Thermal Adhesive Tapes are not about to be applied
       Please store Thermal Adhesive Tapes in a cool, dry and well ventilate place.
       BN-TAPE 100 is one kind of acrylic acid tape. When it’s to be bonded with low surface energy material, other different bonding ways should be used together.