Thermal silica pad 8 advantages

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Thermal silicone film has many names in the application of life, such as: thermal silica film, thermal silica pad, soft thermal pad, etc., is designed for the transmission of heat gap design production, to fill the gap to complete the heat parts and cooling parts Between the heat transfer, but also play a role in insulation, thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, to meet the equipment miniaturization and ultra-thin design requirements, its use is very wide range of applications, is an excellent thermal conductivity material.


So thermal silica pad in the practical application to bring what benefits?


1, the air is a bad conductor of heat, will seriously hinder the heat transfer between the contact surface, the heat and the heat sink between the installation of thermal silica film can be out of the air contact surface;


2, the application of thermal silica film, you can make the contact surface between the heat source and the heat sink better and full contact, truly face-to-face contact, so that the temperature can be compressed to control the smaller temperature difference;


3, the thermal silica film in the structure of the process to bridge the poor, reducing the heat sink and cooling structure of the poor workmanship requirements;


4, Silica gel sheet material is soft, compression performance is good, thermal insulation performance is good, suitable for filling voids, both sides with natural viscosity, operability and maintainability;



5, thermal silica film with sound-absorbing damping effect, also play a seismic effect in the transport process;




6, the thermal conductivity of the silicone gasket padding as a thermal conductive material, can be tailored to customer requirements within a certain range, more in line with product requirements;




7, the main purpose of the thermal silica film is to reduce the thermal contact resistance between the heat source surface and the heat sink contact surface, the thermal silica film can well fill the gap of the contact surface;




8, thermal silica film more control of the coefficient, you can adjust the thermal conductivity, so thermal stability better.




To know that the thermal silica film is based on silica gel, and add some metal oxides and other auxiliary material, which through a special process of synthesis of a thermal conductivity material. Because of its own advantages and more in the application is also relatively wide, natural heat is also relatively high.

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