Application of chip charging chip thermal silica grease cooling What are the problems?

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With the increased awareness of environmental protection in the city, the government strongly supports the electric car on the road so that many parking places are equipped with charging piles for electric car charging. Of course, this will undoubtedly charge the charging pile speed will be higher, charging pile cooling system is facing a huge test. Because generally the faster the charge, the greater the amount of heat generated, however, the thermal silicone is the industry's current introduction of common products. In the industry, the thermal conductivity of silicon for inductive module thermal conductivity, thermal grease for chip thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity of silicone for power potting.


So, charging chip chip thermal grease thermal grease will be what problems exist, there is no solution? Thermal grease, also known as thermal grease, is a thermally conductive silicone grease compound used to fill the gap between the CPU and the heat sink material, this material can also be called thermal interface material is used to Heat sink heat conduction CPU CPU, CPU to maintain a stable level of work, which will not only prevent poor thermal damage, but also extend the service life. Charge pile chip heat is often in a state of high temperature, so the application of chip charging pile heat dissipation is very necessary.


When the thermal grease will be squeezed out when the phenomenon is related to the hot and cold cycle of electronic devices, because the clip sandwiched between the chip and the heat sink, silicone grease is difficult to apply without a little bubble, while the grease will not keep liquid Curing, a lot of electronic devices on or off there will be temperature-cycle, thermal expansion and contraction will make the bubble in the silicone grease volume change in order to grease out of the gap.


Thixotropy Thermal conductivity of the grease, it is when the external application of external force, the flow of silicone grease will gradually become soft, viscosity decreases, but once at rest, after a period of time, the consistency increases once again that is a Changeable nature. Thermal grease is a feature that does not flow when it's placed there, but it's a very fluid flow when you apply it.


If the temperature difference appears larger, indicating the thermal conductivity of the choice of thermal grease may not be high enough, the temperature control in how much the appropriate application of the device operating temperature, junction temperature requirements and power have a great relationship.

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