How to understand the performance of thermal silica film?

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General choice of thermal silica film is to understand the main purpose of its thermal conductivity, breakdown voltage, hardness and thickness, but a single argument that will form a vague, thermal conductivity, machine voltage, hardness of these three parameters are electrical parameters, intuitive understanding The nature of the silicon film is the thickness of the parameter is relatively easy to grasp and understand the following explain how to choose a good thermal silica film.


Thermal silica film as a carrier silica gel, by adding heat-conducting material and non-alkali glass fiber as a support body, pressed by the thin material calender, can well fill the gap between the heat sink and the radiator to eliminate the process of poor and The uneven surface of the air, can form a good heat flow channel, and itself has good thermal conductivity, is widely used in electronic and electrical products, thermal media materials.


Thermal conductivity: The inherent properties of the city material, does not change with the thickness of the area changes, in general, the higher the thermal conductivity as possible, of course, the price will be more, according to the standard coefficient, the domestic thermal conductivity of silicone gasket coefficient about 0.8 ~ 4.0W / MK, the current thermal silica film should be the thinnest is 0.1MM, the thickest can do 15MM, the general choice of their own derivative on it.


Break through the board: that the maximum thermal conductivity of silicon film can withstand the breakdown voltage is higher, the better the insulation products, thermal conductivity of silicon film insulation better.


Hardness choice: If the product is harder, then the thermal conductivity of silicone parts with heat sink and the worse the contact between the components, the more soft the more contact, but not softer the better, because it is too soft, not easy to paste, the principle Thermal silicone adhesive on the back is not recommended to replace the other fixtures, because the double-sided adhesive thermal conductivity is not high, the use of adhesive thermal conductivity of the overall thermal conductivity of the silica film will be reduced, double-sided adhesive but the effect is worse, thermal conductivity Silicone film due to the raw material itself will bring a weak natural sticky, but this can not be used for fixed purposes.


Thickness of choice: Due to the material limitations of the silicone itself, theoretically not less than 0.5mm is better, 0.5mm for the next thermal silica film will increase by default glass fiber, glass itself, the thermal conductivity of the general increase in the thermal silica film plays a major support Role to prevent too thin is torn, not easy to install.


Currently on the market thermal silica film is widely used in a wide range of areas, such as: network industry, semiconductor lighting industry, computer industry, home appliance industry, radio and television industry, with the rapid development of the electronics industry, has been applied to, as manufacturers need to solve the heat The problem is an essential heat-conducting material, and the thermal silica film will also expand to a higher quality, more reliable performance.

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