Day-Tour at Double-Moon Bay

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In October, the sky is blue and air fresh, which is the best and most suitable season for travel.


On early morning of Oct.17.2015, more than 200 people from Shenzhen Bornsun Industrial Co.,Ltd was going to famous Twin-Moon Bay in Huizhou by 4 buses.


Along the way, the scenery was picturesque, accompanied by singing and laughing. To spend the 2.5 hours’ bus ride, they were actively and happily playing a variety of games:






Happy time always passes too fast. Unconsciously, they arrived at the destination. There, sea is vast, sea water is blue and sea breeze is stirring:




The first event: fishing at sea- For big lunch, everybody cheers up!!




Wow, good harvest! ~There will be a good meal at noon~



The second event: to the top of Star Mountain and survey the bay:



This is the famous “Twin-Moon Bay”:



The last event: team games ~ Team is the guarantee and unity is the strength~






The sun was sinking in the west. Along with the last slogan in the tug of war, the day-tour was end there. Whether top leaders or ordinary employees, they were integrated and were happy and inspired. They have said this tour enhanced the feelings between colleagues and made them more love this big family, and expressed that they will put their passion and gratitude into work and make a contribution to the development of the company.

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