General Wei Yuan Visited Bornsun

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On December 27, 2011, General Wei Yuan leaded a team to visit Bornsun company, in total 13 team members including Ziren Xiong, Hong Chen, Zhengquan Yang, Xianchun Zhao, Hanwen Li, Jinyuan Huang, Dongfa Wang, Yongqing Zhu, Minghai Yu, etc.

 Firstly, Chairman Mr.Yong Wang representing whole Bornsun company expressed warm welcome to them. In the conference room, they listened to the introduction of Bornsun’s development history and development strategy in next 3-5 years. They appreciated Bornsun’s self-reliance, developing from a processing factory to a high-tech enterprise supplying thermal and insulation materials in the integration of R&D, production and sales shortly in 7 years, and admired Bornsun to hire domestic well-known advisory company ChinaStone as management consult. Then, expert representative Mr.Zhengyang Tang introduced products to the team. They were gratified for Bornsun’s achievement on new materials.

In R&D center, they shook hands with all staff. Their approachable style deeply infected others. R&D staff said, they must learn the spirit of hard working from these generals and contribute to the development of our company and our country.

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